We take great pride in the level of protection we provide to our customers!

Protection Protection Protection Protection

Our level of protection is unmatched in the industry:

  • We protect the exterior landscaping and grounds
  • Exterior balcony tile/flooring and rails are protected
  • Interior walls, floors, furnishings, etc. are covered for protection
  • We have a designated crews to do all prep prior to removal or installation of any products. They perform a light dusting and vacuum the areas affected prior to us leaving.


CGC goes above and beyond to protect your items and understands how protecting your valuables is extremely important and takes pride in doing so.

  • We provide protocols on how to prepare for our arrival and what to expect
  • Runners or brown paper will be laid on floor surfaces from the front door to the work area
  • Large drop cloths will be laid on the floor in front of the work area.
  • All furniture including beds will be covered with light two mils visqueen to keep the dust off furniture and surfaces while work is under way.
  • Zip walls will be installed to minimize dust intrusion into the unit as needed.
  • Brown paper will be taped to each side of the window and door openings, with blue painter’s tape, to ensure walls remain clean during installation.
  • Cardboard will be taped on the wall below the windows and around the doors being replaced to protect the walls during installation.
  • Floors will be covered with a protective covering to avoid surface damage.
  • All areas are cleaned and vacuumed after work is completed and units are left as there were when we arrived